Termites cause billions of dollars annually all over the world, and while nobody wants to have termites it is better to admit you have them or find out if you do instead of going into denial and costing yourself potentially thousands of dollars. We provide termite control to the Deerfield Beach, Florida area for homes, properties, industrial applications, commercial applications, and more!

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A termite problem begins with a pair of termites getting into your home. There are many ways they can get into your home, but once they are in they can begin to bore holes and reproduce. Termites will create workers, soldiers, and more which will start eating wood for food because the cellulose in the wood is food to them.

Termites are able to get into tiny areas like small cracks and can go undetected in attics, basements, and in other areas. If you think you have termites it is best to call us immediately since we will be able to talk to you and tell you the best course of action. While it is possible to treat Deerfield Beach termites yourself it can be dangerous to rely on do-it-yourself products when there is the potential for expensive damage at stake.

If you have termites or even think you have termites contact Price Termite & Pest today. We’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions and give you a free estimate. We believe in taking the time to answer all your questions and educate you–so no pressure! Give us a call at (954) 621-1247 today!

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