If you live in or around Deerfield Beach Florida and are having a rodent problem we can help.  Rodents are creatures that rarely live alone. Once a rodent comes into your home or property they will normally spread and bring more rodents with them. Deerfield Rodent control technicians can help you with this.

Deerfield Beach Rats & Mice

Of course nobody likes rats, mice, or other rodents in there home, but there is also the risk of health problems.  Rodents can carry lots of diseases. Some of these diseases include Lassa Fever, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis, Tularemia, and more.  Of course not all rodents carry these diseases or any diseases, but this is certainly not a reason to keep them around.  Furthermore, most rodents can chew through parts of walls of your house.  One dangerous problem is that rodents can chew through electrical cords in your house. If a rodent is hungry and believes there is food around they can chew through wooden walls or drywall walls if given enough time.

Just as important as Deerfield rodent control is rodent prevention. Here are some things you can do to ensure your house is protected from rodents entering into your house.  First, make sure that all holes incoming into your property, building, or house are closed and sealed tightly.  You can caulk areas or use flashing if you need to seal up different areas.  Mice can squeeze through incredibly tiny holes, and rats can get through small places too.

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Check out doors, garage doors, windows, and any place where piping enters your house.  Rodents can generally climb well and you’d be surprised how easily they can get into a house when they want. Deerfield Beach rodent control specialists will take the time to answer your questions and help you with your Deerfield rodent problems.

To fix these holes patch them up with plaster or sheet metal.  If they are small areas a good thing is to use steel wool with caulking sealing it in place.  That will ensure that the rodents have difficulty chewing through the metal.

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