Odds are pretty good that if you live in Deerfield Beach, you’re going to have a bee, wasp or yellow jacket problem at some point. Price Termite & Pest is the right place to be if you are looking for a bee removal of Deerfield Beach specialist. We have specialists who take the protection of your family, pets, home or customers very seriously. We offer both residential and commercial Deerfield Beach bee removal services.

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Our staff work through the entire Deerfield Beach, Florida area to remove all types of stinging insects. Our professionals frequently remove honey bees, wasps, yellow jackets and even Africanized killer bees. Our Deerfield Beach bee removal experts work hard to prevent future problems with bees, as well as removing the current problem. Our staff is careful to ensure removal of any debris left behind by the bees which typically includes nests and fecal matter.

A few things to consider when trying to take care of a bee problem:

    1. Bees are generally not aggressive until they have felt threatened. If you discover a nest of bees or a swarm of bees around you, you should keep your distance. Never attempt to spray the bees or swat at them, this only makes matters worse. One exception is the Africanized bees. They are much more aggressive and don’t always need to be provoked to attack.
    2. Be sure that any Deerfield Beach bee removal company includes the removal of the nest as well as the bees in their quote to you.
    3. Our bee specialists will be sure that there aren’t any openings or holes in your home where bees or wasps could get in. We make your protection our top priority.
    4. Don’t give in to the in-store products for bee and wasp removal. They only temporarily effect the bees and they do not remove the nest, which is one of the largest problems. Also, when spraying them doesn’t work, it can just make them more angry and likely to attack. Removing a bee problem is undoubtedly better left to the pros.
    5. Never try to approach a nest or swarm of bees. Africanized bees can look very similar to honey bees, but are much more dangerous and aggressive. We have had customers who have been stung 30+ times, due to trying to remove a beehive on their own with a broom. It is so important that you steer clear, bee attacks can turn deadly.

We don’t just send out a general pest control professional to take care of your Deerfield Beach bee removal job. We have experts who are highly trained and credentialed to control stinging insect troubles. Our Deerfield Beach bee removal specialists take it upon themselves to keep you and your family protected from the hazard of stinging insects.

Whenever you notice an increase in the amount of bees you are seeing around, you can probably bet there is a nest or swarm of bees in the area. Having a bee nest near your home can be extremely risky and dangerous to your family.

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We provide quality Deerfield Beach bee removal!

Often bees will check an area out before building a nest or hive. You should try to determine for sure if the bees have already built a nest or if they may just be a swarm that will leave shortly. Try to watch the bees without getting too close to them, to see if you can tell if they are going back to some type of nest. When it seems that the bees have taken up residence, then you’ll want to consider your Deerfield Beach bee removal or bee extermination options.

If you find that bees have built a home in your walls, attic or fireplace, get in touch with a Deerfield Beach bee removal professional quickly to ensure little damage is done to your home or building. If you have a bee problem, just try to give us a detailed description about the size and location of the hive over the phone, and we can give an estimate. With our flat rates, you will know exactly what the cost will be. Our work is guaranteed to be done right the first time! Call (954) 621-1247 today and we’ll help you see why we’re the favorite bee removal company in Deerfield Beach.

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